Our Mission / vision / objectives


Imparting quality education.
To serve as a model for effective teaching and learning.
Enriching the personality of every student in such a way so that values of rich heritage of India’s culture may be inculcated in him and he may be able to imbibe the ideals of social integrity, uncompromising honesty, strong secular ethos and team spirit Encouraging every student to realize the mission of Mahendra Memorial School i.e.,sincerely fulfilling his obligations towards society.


To empower each student to succeed in life and contribute to the society.
Creating a nationally known school which will produce professionally skilled students.
Producing students of noble mind, who blend naturally human values, traditions,culture, and democratic ideals, to contribute proactively in every field. That is why each & every student is provided with an ideal environment of learning


All the classes of Mahendra Memorial School are designed as Smart Classes along with the facility of CCTV, Microphone and emergency alert . Teachers in these classes teach their students with the help of digital map being projected by the projector on the computer screen. The school is provided with best of breed digital content mapped to their specific curriculum and text books. Dedicated knowledge centre is set up inside the school and connected to classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art hi-tech infrastructure to help teachers integrate technology in their day to day teaching. Teachers are trained to use the new inputs by professionals for teacher-training on smart class. Additionally they are supported by a project Administrator deployed by high-end system at the school on a full time basis.

Nursery Section

Nursery Section has been planned to help children fighting separation anxiety upcoming as a result of nuclear family. Children by the nature are attracted to toys, so the proper arrangements have been made in the nursery section to provide the child with such toys which are adaptable to learning process of the child.
Our teachers are fully trained and professionally skilled in handling small kids with love and affection.
Realizing the role of early childhood education, children in our school are allowed to use computers & projectors and are giving the opportunity to be well versed with the fast advancing hi-tech world so that when they are exposed to the outer world, they may meet the new challenges of the modern technical world.
This is the reason that nursery section has been designed in the pattern of Smart Classes where teaching is done with the help of computer & projector in digital method.